Monday, March 26, 2012


Happy Spring!

City Folk Collage by Mirlande Jean-Gilles
28 inches by 20 inches

This large collage took a lot of concentrated, focused energy which means I had to work LATE at night. I have two kids who take my attention during the day. Most times I will still try to work on my visual art and writing, but this piece required me to spread all my shit out all over the living room and dining room floor!

This collage went into my first art show where I had more than one piece hung up! It was a great show up for Black History Month at this law school! There were about five other artists in the show, their photography, abstract art, collage and paintings were up for the entire month.

I finished this piece the morning it was to be hung up. I was still cutting and gluing this one, while packing up the other pieces that were to be in the show! Sweat was pouring down my face as I ran like crazy trying to get everything ready because I had no more time. I waited till the last minute to do so much. By the time I was done I had modge podge on my glasses, paint in my hair and all over my clothes. The house was wrecked! But I got it done!