Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haiti Today

The progress in Haiti is very slow. These images are beautiful and heart wrenching.

Haitian Flag Day May 18th, 2010


he multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation know as Monsanto is donating millions of dollars worth of seeds to Haiti. They have a horrible global track record that is against the rights of farmers and they pollute the environment. They produce "Franken-foods" with no long term research on the side effects of GMO's on human health.
They are currently under investigation by the US gov't for anti tariff issues in their policies with farmers.
Their seeds produce a large percentage the cotton grown and the soybeans and corn we eat in the US.

Some of the Haitian farmers have vowed to burn the Monsanto seeds rather than plant them.
This article by Beverly Bell addresses some of these issues.

True Facts about Monsanto.
They developed the bovine growth hormone.
They introduced caffeine into Coke.
They made Agent Orange!
Helped develop Nuclear weapons!
And developed PCBs!