Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wyclef for president?

Wyclef's bid for president of Haiti had folks talking about the country again. For a moment people were interested in the island. On the news, on facebook and twitter Haiti was the trend. Wyclef definitely enlivened the politcal espirit of the youth.

Haiti is such a deeply complicated and monumentally troubled country it needs someone in charge who really knows what she/he is doing. It needs someone who has lived there and knows how things run. There are so many levels, so many layers.

After the earthquake in Haiti we heard more from Wyclef than the real president. His foundation Yele raised millions. Him and his wife picked up dead bodies from off the streets days after the earthquake. Yele distributes water and food to many homeless and hungry Haitian. I don't think that translates to an ability to govern a nation.
After hearing this interview on NPR I was disappointed in Wyclef.

New York Times article about Wyclef's bid.
Wyclef's bid for presidency rejected.

Pras doesn't support his homie