Monday, January 17, 2011

Duvalier back in Haiti!

This man who was a brutal dictator for thirty years in Haiti, killed thousands who opposed him, stole millions from the country...has come back. Why? Why is this man even allowed to travel freely he should be in prison. Some Haitians are happy he is back. Many, many, many are upset.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haiti-One Year Later

A year after the earthquake things are still dire in Haiti. There has been some progress, but it is very slow. Hundreds of thousands still live in tents and sprawling tent cities. When hurricane season was in full effect the cities flooded. Tarps and tents didn't offer any protection against the winds and pouring rain.
There are people making a difference, individual Haitians who have taken it upon themselves to help their people. Today I heard an NPR story on Dr. Rodrigue Mortel who is Haitian and has a school that educates and looks to educate the poorest of the poor in Haiti. He is associated with Catholic Charities in Baltimore and he also has his own foundation. They feed 19,000 children two meals a day. Listening to him on the radio made an impact me.
Link to his foundation.

A year later there is still hope for change and something better. Haitians have faith.
The temporary shelters cannot become permanent. The corrupt government that steals the aid and shuffles their feet as the people suffer must be taken out, all the government all the way up and down. All the infrastructure, from phone lines to a sewage system needs to be built. The task is monumental, to build a crumbled city back up while millions of people still live there.

New York Times images of Haiti Before and After and Now

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