Saturday, October 24, 2009


She woke up complaining about her stomach and chest. She had slept in one of her little sister’s dress(don't know why) and thought the pressure was coming from having worn something too tight and it was compressing her chest.
I was about to leave for work and I went in her room to talk to her and see what was happening. She looked terrible. I touched her skin and immediately knew had a fever, she had pains, she was crying. Her head was hurting, her eyes, her whole body. Took her temp. 104 fever!
Offered her something to drink and she asked for ice water.

I immediately called the doctor. The docs office phone was busy, busy and finally I was put on hold and then a nurse picked up. She said all the symptoms sound about right, it’s the flu. She won’t say the word! She said a lot of folks coming in with those same symptoms. "DON'T come in!" Give motrin and tyn. repeatedly. Only c0me in if she has breathing issues.
"Breathing issues?"
"Yes, she is struggling for breath or turning blue!"
Only then should we go in.

That was it? Where was the test?
"The doctor could call you if you have more concerns."
"Yes, please."

She ate when the motrn kicked in. She had four hours of feeling good and as that motrn effect wore off she was back to feeling awful.
Doctor called 7 hours later. She casually said my daughter had H1N1. Doc said go ahead and give her another dose of pain reliever. We gave it to her and she was up and talking. I'm not big with meds. The kids respond to a good diet and thoughtful assessment of what is missing or should added. Like vits or cod liver oil. Always with the garlic in the food.

We gave her garlic and ginger to chew. But it was amazing difference when she had relief from the fever and body aches. She was eating And drinking, watching television. Even playing with her sister. She rested.

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