Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finished Novel

This is the shelf where my books will be!
I finished a kids chapter book!

I've had this idea for three years now. My daughter and I had been talking about this story and acting out the story!

I've been querying like a mad woman....oh the world of interesting and not at all intimate and cozy. more cold and despondent. anywhoo. so this agent said YES we want to read the whole book. uh uh I did not have a whole book. I had a bunch of ideas typed up, i had like four chapter done. I decided to finish the book. It took five days and hardly any sleep. my husband went out of town that week end. I kissed him bye and went back to work. I had both kids and household and somehow I pulled it off!

I had to jump back three times and KISS myself that is how proud I am that I did it.
I am now working on the second book. I am hoping this could be a series. It would be great to have more mulitcultural books out there. My daughter is an AVID reader and I would love if in the next few years my books get published. She is already reading my stuff and telling me what she thinks and giving ideas.

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